No. 332

Sakura cardigan

$ 540incl. all taxes and duties

  • 75% Merino wool
  • 25% Silk

Mid length cardigan. The Sakura inspired flower ornament evokes a feel of blooming spring in Japan. Knitted in a structure to enhance the floral pattern. A feminine and timeless cardigan.


The refinement of Japanese aesthetics and the iconic Japanese cherry blossom tree, also commonly known as Sakura, inspired Solveig Hisdal to make this design for our jubilee collection. The trees blooms during spring and beautiful pink and white flowers cover Japan like a blanket. Natures own celebration of spring and the beginning of new life.

Jubilee Collection 25 years

Our biggest dream was to prove that it could be possible to produce beautiful clothing in a high cost country like Norway. We really wanted to make an effort, investing in the very best designs and sustainable qualities. We wanted to create new jobs and a safe and good working environment where people could be happy and develop personally. We had so many ideas and dreams we wanted to realize.

25 years later, we have proudly presented two jubilee collections to customers all over the world, created by Oleana’s own designer, Solveig Hisdal. Oleana is alive and we still want to think big!


We want the buttons to be that extra little detail that makes you love your Oleana garment . We are buying buttons from all over the world in all kinds of materials and colours, glass, metal, polyamide etc. Our designer, Solveig Hisdal, puts her honor in finding just the right button to each model. (You will always find an extra button in the side seam in case you should be unlucky to loose one).