No. 351

Bloss classic cardigan

$ 540incl. all taxes and duties

  • 75% Merino wool
  • 25% Silk

Oleana launches the classical cardiganshape. It’s knitted in a hip-length shape with ribbed bottom edge and cuffs. It’s a truly timeless essential, ideal for layering over our new top with dots. You can also team it with one of our knitted skirt for a feminine look.


The inspirational theme of this collection is a German artist and photographer, Karl Blossfeldt, who studied nature and the way plants grow. At Oleana the main pattern of this collection was quickly named Bloss, after Blossfeldt. The pattern is a simplification of a Helleborus, commonly called Christmas rose. The collection is designed by our prize awarded designer, Solveig Hisdal.


The Norwegian word for linking is ‘kettling’, although this is originally a German word meaning ‘chain together’. On the round linking machines, linkers attach the front and back sections of the garment together at the shoulders. They patiently thread each individual stitch onto each needle, ensuring that once the first section is on, the corresponding stitch for the second section meets it. The machine then ‘links’ these together with a chain stitch. The same process applies to the trims down the front of the garment and around the neckline.

Our ambition is to produce some of the most beautiful clothes in the world, by focusing on high quality and excellent design. This requires advanced techniques, lots of handwork and the most skilled people.