No. 6

Ingeborg Dress

$ 275incl. all taxes and duties

  • 75% Merino wool
  • 25% Silk

A pretty dress with short sleeves. Flowers inspired by chrysantemums. A generous shape makes it comfortable to wear, but also leaves room for the child to grow with the dress.

Poetry in Stitches

”A scene on a chinese door, a christening bonnet from the 1700s, a baroque wallpaper, tiles in a Mooris building, flowers in the castle’s garden, bodice from a folk costume, a china bowl from Istanbul, or an old woven textile from Sweden.

With pencil and colours it becomes poetry in stitches, and new beautiful garments.

Inspiration, sketching, programming, shaping, photography and production. The road is long and the garment goes through many hands before being finished and ready to be presented to the world.”

This is Solveig Hisdal’s own words about the process from inspiration to finished garment. We are lucky to have such a skilled designer at the helm of our company.


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    $ 255