A lot of culture is trade, and some trade is culture. We at Oleana think that we are concerned in both trade and culture.

    We think we are at our best when proclaiming that the historic pattern-inheritance spreads cultural understanding. We have always enjoyed celebrations! Having a wild plan of making a spectacular 25 years anniversary show, we filled the Grieg Hall with culture, art, great talents and good friends. A big celebration of a small factory.

    When we arrange our shows with professional dancers choreographed to live music, composed and played by the musicians themselves, we are engaged in culture.

    When we arrange exhibitions in cooperation with the museums so that the public can see the connections between what is being created today and our heritage, we call it culture.

    When our jackets manage to make hearts beat faster because of the patterns and colours, then it is both art and culture, but for us it is also trade.

    The only way we can make money in order to buy machines, raw materials, pay rent and electricity and wages, is by selling what we make. It is just as exciting each month, finding out if we have one and a half million in the bank in order to pay our wages at the factory. That is what it is like in the life of production. The money only comes from one source – sales.

    Our aim, just the same, is not to sell as much as possible, or be the biggest or the richest quickly. Our aim is to make great products which people will love, and have a good place to work. We want to make our footprint, and earn a living from it.

    People are not machines. We are made of flesh and blood, and need more than money as food for the soul. The connection backwards, and our visions forward – that is where our motivation lies.

    In unstable economic times, everything is in flux. The oil age will not last forever. We believe it is important that we have a group of viable small industries in mainland Norway. Knowledge of machines and tools, handed down through the generations, has to be taken care of. New possibilities have to be mapped through the development of technology and creative zest.

    At Oleana we carry on dreaming, looking forward to starting the process of making new dreams come true. We like to see a glimpse of that rainbow every now and then.