Funny things happen because of knitted cardigans. Signe is on her way up the hill to the Royal Palace in Oslo, a mannequin under one arm and an Oleana outfit in the other.

Royal meeting

There is a royal visit from Jordan, and Queen Rania has expressed a wish to meet female leaders from firms with many female employees in industries which could be natural for Jordan to engage in. Børrea Schau-Larsen who runs Solstrand Hotel and Spa near Os and Signe from Oleana have been chosen by the Foreign Office. They are both rather proud that two firms from the fjords of western Norway have been chosen.

Børrea and Signe present their firms, and it turns into an enjoyable meeting and lots of questions. The talk flows; both queens are very knowledgeable. Others talk about the more general situation for women in Norway. Opinions are exchanged.

Shop visit

Later the same evening, Kolbjørn is working in the factory. He is rather surprised when the telephone rings and it is the Royal Palace. They are wondering if the two Queens, the very next day, can come and visit the Oleana shop in Bergen. “Yes, that should be possible”, a surprised Kolbjørn says. Signe is still in Oslo, and laughs down the telephone when Kolbjørn rings her to tell her about tomorrow’s visit.

Queen Sonja and Queen Rania take their time in the shop. They inspect and discuss the different designs, and decide to shop, while the shop window is blackened by photographers trying to immortalise the event.

Proud ambassador

The next day, the royal visit is well documented in most of the national newspapers. When the world’s new fashion queen, Michelle Obama, bought four Oleana cardigans to take home with her after the Nobel Peace Prize 2009 had been awarded to President Barack Obama, here too the press were on the spot very quickly.

Norwegian ambassadors, or their partners, and other dignitaries, often wear Oleana garments when on official duty. We are very pleased that it is it such a conscious choice that they want to represent Norway wearing new Norwegian design produced in their own country.