Fair made

The guiding philosophy of Oleana.

The Fair Made philosophy guides everything we do, from the people we employ to the crafts we preserve, to the materials we use, to our buyers and suppliers, and to you, our customer.

Take a look at the process behind our garments.

Made in Ytre Arna

Our goal is to create beautiful garments in an enjoyable workplace. We are the only factory of our kind, still knitting and sewing everything we make in Norway; and for this, we are very proud. Every garment is knitted, pressed, linked, sewn, quality checked and packaged here, at our factory in Ytre Arna. This gives us the opportunity to have full control over both the production processes and the conditions in which our garments are created.


At Oleana we only employ people with a good sense of humour. Work is an important part of everyone’s life, it defines a part of who we are. At Oleana we take this to heart to build camaraderie. We also have no upper age limit so our employees can choose when they wish to retire. We employ many interesting, unique people from a variety of places and celebrate this diversity, believing that this makes us better. Skilled hands and experienced eyes, knowledge in many fields and a flat organisational structure is our recipe.


At Oleana, we create our products in a sustainable manner, promoting our use of ecologically responsible raw materials. Natural fibres such as wool, silk, alpaca and linen are good environmental choices. The ‘throw-away’ lifestyle is a major environmental problem, and the clothing industry has a large part to play in this. The cost of cheap garments comes at the great expense of others elsewhere. Therefore, we want to inspire a lifestyle of fewer but finer things.


All our garments go through many production processes where skilled hands and expert eyes ensure the consistent fine quality. Part of Oleana’s identity and status comes from being at the cutting edge of industry and fine craft. We balance the use of modern machinery with our traditional skills and expertise.


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Visit us

You are most welcome to visit our factory for an eventful journey following our process from start to finish


Oleana is delighted to have received several marks of distinction during its relatively short history. For us, such acknowledgements proves that a Fair Made way of working can lead to appreciation and success.

  • Aftenposten and DOGA Design i 100 2017
  • Center for Senior Policy The Seniority Initiative of the Year 2004
  • Business Woman of the Year Signe Aarhus was elected Norway`s "Business Woman of the Year" 2003
  • Entrepreneur of the Year in Norway by Ernst & Young Hildegunn Møster, Kolbjørn Valestrand and Signe Aarhus, were jointly nominated 2003
  • Norsk form Jacob Price awarded to Solveig Hisdal for her work at Oleana 2002
  • Norwegian Design Council Award for Design Excellence 2002
  • Norwegian Design Council Award for Design Excellence 2001
  • Norwegian Design Council Award for Design Excellence 1999
  • Norwegian Design Council Award for Design Excellence 1997
  • Norwegian Design Council Award for Design Excellence 1993