There are soft similarities between a herbarium and a scrapbook. Both collections of elements are gathered for knowledge and inspiration. They are also the first contextualized steps toward Oleana’s spring / summer collection. When pressed, flowers are preserved and transformed at the same time. From organic, colorful, alive and vital objects, to constrained, controlled, odd yet cool, inanimate elements. The spring / summer collection comes to life through these floral objects, and inspires jacquard motifs and botanical patterns. The color palette is well balanced; from pop colors to soft browns. Delicate materials meet sharp silhouettes. Elegance and edge.

    The collection strongly resonates with women. To be fierce at work and in control. To have power and integrity. To be a parent, a partner and a friend. Finding time for one thing without forsaking the other. It can amount to a lifestyle where the feeling of pressure is overwhelming, where one is twisted and displaced. Much like a flower in a herbarium. However there’s beauty in pressure. It can be a power and source to achieve goals.