There are soft similarities between a herbarium and a scrapbook. Both collections of elements are gathered for knowledge and inspiration. They are also the first contextualized steps toward Oleana’s spring / summer collection. When pressed, flowers are preserved and transformed at the same time. From organic, colorful, alive and vital objects, to constrained, controlled, odd…

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Oleana + Norlender

At Oleana we live for Norwegian production. It’s actually our core idea and why we exist. For us it’s important that the Norwegian textile industry both remains and evolves. We love to collaborate with likeminded people. Doing so, we gain more knowledge, as well as putting Norwegian design on the agenda.

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SS21 Quarantine quilter

I started to work on this collection right in the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Like for many others, it made my world smaller, had me slow down and gave me time to think and reflect. I spent the time at home with my family, and travelled by boat over the fjord to Ytre Arna to work…

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Orange sky

For Oleana AW20 I have drawn inspiration from Fauvism, the avant-garde early twentieth century art movement, headed by Henri Matisse and André Derain, that would in time make way for both Cubism and Expressionism. The Fauves (meaning “wild beasts”) thought painterly qualities and colour was more important than the representation and/or realism of a motif….

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A new chapter in our story

We couldn’t be prouder of our history as a family business. Quality, beauty and durability will always be at the core of what we are. At the same time, we are also looking towards the future. A generational shift is under way at Oleana. In 2018 we brought in our new head of design Matilda…

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Culture and trade

A lot of culture is trade, and some trade is culture. We at Oleana think that we are concerned in both trade and culture. We think we are at our best when proclaiming that the historic pattern-inheritance spreads cultural understanding. We have always enjoyed celebrations! Having a wild plan of making a spectacular 25 years anniversary show, we filled the Grieg…

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Factory life

It is early morning and quiet and strange in the knitting department. The machines have had some nocturnal rest before starting up again. The light is turned on, as is the coffee percolator in the canteen.   The threads have to be fastened After a drop of oil, one by one of the knitting-machines are…

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It is a steep climb up from the old town in Granada to Alhambra. We walk where many have walked before us, hunting for traces. Traces of patterns and shapes, which the Moors brought with them from where the Silk Route from Asia meets the Mediterranean. Historic ground In Norwegian folk art we can find…

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The Factory Stairs

Running up and down the factory stairs is an all day everyday activity that reminds us of our place in history. A lot of textile girls have run up and down these stairs before us. A lot of men too, but mostly girls. Spinning Jenny The textile industry is full of girls; probably the industry…

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En Route to the Palace

Funny things happen because of knitted cardigans. Signe is on her way up the hill to the Royal Palace in Oslo, a mannequin under one arm and an Oleana outfit in the other. Royal meeting There is a royal visit from Jordan, and Queen Rania has expressed a wish to meet female leaders from firms…

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