As a Oleana Customer you will be registered when you place an order. Only the information needed to go through with a purchase will be registered. You are responsible for registering the correct information regarding your personal data, e-mail, and phone number. We use your personal data to create your personal account, conduct your order, to contact you, and to confirm that you are over 18 years of age.

Your registered data will be in our system as long as we need them to service you, and as long as we are legally bound to keep them.  You can request an insight to your personal data in our system. If the data is incorrect or incomplete they can be edited or deleted. Please contact us on [email protected]

In order to go through with your order and execute your delivery, your information must be shared with the third parties involved in the process. Stripe administer the card payment and will require your card details. DHL delivers the parcels to you.

An order confirmation will be sent to your given e-mail address.

As a Oleana Costumer you are protected by the Consumer’s Law. The law is described here:

Your information will not be sold or shared.


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