I started to work on this collection right in the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. Like for many others, it made my world smaller, had me slow down and gave me time to think and reflect. I spent the time at home with my family, and travelled by boat over the fjord to Ytre Arna to work at the factory. This collection springs from both those places.

    I have long been interested in quilting, collage and scrapbooking – as traditionally female crafts and art made by women over centuries, but often devalued by the art world. The domestic centered, diary-themed practice of saving and collecting mementos, visually pleasing bits of material and found objects, inspired me to start looking around myself.

    In my kitchen I have one of those drawers that seem to gather themselves. It has the extra shoelace, old birthday card, odd buttons, small toys, forgotten shopping lists, fabric clippings, coins and power cords to unknown devices. That drawer of things became my starting point.
    At the factory in Ytre Arna, I also started to look closely around, go through boxes and boxes of old buttons, photographs, drawings, clippings and experiments lost along the way. I saw shapes, patterns, colours and ideas for knit techniques.

    The Oleana SS21 “Quarantine Quilter” collection is an ode to quilters, scrapbookers and collage makers. It contains the memory of a 1970’s bathroom wallpaper, the pattern from a saved bit of shoelace, glass buttons that was first ordered and considered 15 years ago, and a knit version of that old Ytre Arna postcard found at the factory.

    The photographs was taken at our cantina in mid-June, by photographer SIlje Bryn Knutsen and with our house model Hilde.

    Matilda Norberg
    Creative director